Here's the long list of articles I wrote in these years, in Italian and English.

How to read and write from STDIN and STDOUT in GO

At my current job we have some projects that were realized using the Go programming language. The cool thing is, programmers that have used it are in love with it, and these applications never crash, not even under heavy load. This is great, for example, for applications that have to process a stream of data as fast as possible.

What is a WAV file?

Short post: last week I came across a wonderful video about how WAV files are made, and how to create one from scratch, directly from NodeJS. The author, Low Level Javascript, is really investing time creating quality content that is direct, clear, and coincise. Consider donating some money to his patreon if you find his videos useful.

My first Visual Studio Code Extension, create-link-to-git-server

You know when you’re chatting with a colleague and you want to point out a specific line in the git repository? For example, a specific line of a specific branch of a specific fork? It’s a time-wasting process to open the browser, open the git hosting website, navigate to the file, and create the link; so I decided to create an extension for Visual Studio Code.

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