Here's the long list of articles I wrote in these years, in Italian and English.

How Coronavirus affected my life

I bet none of you predicted to live the months we have just lived. I expected to see an earthquake, an eruption by the Vesuvius, a nuclear war, but for sure not a pandemy.

I wish I had a programmers' quarantine

Hello devs, I wrote this article during COVID-19 quarantine, hopefully you’ll read this post when it’s all over and we’ll think of this period as a not-so-painful memory.

Chaotic systems

a chaotic system is a system composed of many simpler systems, that are interconnected in a way such that the final result is impossible to connect to the subsystem forces.

Pair Programming vs Pull Requests

I attended a hackaton recently: an italian bank organizes an event every year for employees only, me and another programmer friend were invited by an employee to conribute to his idea.

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