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Tool of the week: Develop faster in NodeJS with Nodemon

Are you frustrated when you hit an error in your NodeJS application because, after a crash, you have to restart it? Do you want to immediately see the app restarted when you change a file? With Nodemon this will never be a problem again.

When you start a NodeJS application, you usually do something like this:

$ node app.js 

but what if the app crashes? What if you change the content of a file? we must return to the terminal and start it again! What a waste of time!

Yes, I know that node applications start in a heartbeat. But... we still have to ALT-TAB to the console and restart :/

<img src="/images/nodemon.svg" alt="nodemon logo">

That's what nodemon is for. It will restart the app for you in case of crashes of file changes.

Simply install it globally

$ npm install -g nodemon 

and start your applications with nodemon:

$ nodemon app.js 

You can also pass parameters via command line, if you need it; nodemon will handle everything for you.

Under the hood, Nodemon will check if your files have changed (or if the process is terminated) and will restart your app everytime the condition is met.

A very useful tool for developer ninjas!