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How to log a PHP Soap call with NuSoap

I am doing some debugging in PHP for Gestpay.

Gestpay is an italian system that allows to accept payments from customers, all over the world. If you have an e-commerce and want to try something (in my opinion) way more powerful than other systems, you should definitely check this out.

So, today I had to send a php SOAP call to Gestpay, but for some reasons I was doubting that the actual xml contained exactly what I was sending.

We are using NuSoap, a PHP library that allows to use SOAP on old versions of the language, as old as 4.x, and that does not have any external dependencies, so it should work with a great number of hostings. You may feel better using something more powerful and modern.

Back to our question: how do you show the NuSoap call?

Here it is:

<div class="gist-oembed" data-gist="musikele/77cf3cf81cd9db9bd0bdac8003093bbe.json"> </div>

And you'll see something the output of your code to something like ...

<div class="gist-oembed" data-gist="musikele/7e50d19bb1a161704b6bff6c70019875.json"> </div>

I found this tip on stack overflow... I'm sticking it in my blog because I'm sure I'll need it in the future!