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My problem: start custom js code with ngRoute

The problem is: I took a theme for a website and now I am angularizing it, mainly to use two features of this framework: the ngImport feature (for the footer) and ngRoute, to get a dynamic menu for my website.

After 2-3 hours of playing, I almost gave up.

This template is built in a very classical way, so all js libraries are just JS files that are imported in each page. We are talking of libraries like jquery, parallax, and others.

My "angularization" of the website started like this: from the home page, divide the toolbar (it will be my index) from the content.

At this step I already had problems: jquery was not firing its events on the content page.

BEFORE the page loaded, then scripts started and jquery found its way to start its functions on the elements. NOW the header loads, then all the scripts load, then the content loads, then... Nothing. Seems that i can execute only Angularjs code at this point.

I managed to solve creating a function that wraps the jquery code and calling it everytime I change page; but maybe I have to do this for every other library? Is there a more generic way?

RequireJs might be the solution and I am exploring it, however I am also concerned with how many libraries I am injecting in my website: right now we are already using 190 Mb of RAM... Too much for a simple website IMHO.

Let me get back to my dirty website... My feeling is that Angular was too much to get just this simple routing capability, maybe I have to explore other libraries to get what I want. Any other idea/solution will be very much appreciated!