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Number one quality for remote working

You want to know the best skill for a remote worker? Without any doubt, it's the ability to write clearly.

As a remote worker, i spend a huge part of my day reading and and answering to my coworkers. I need to be as clear as possible when describing my problems and the possible solutions. This usually happens on Slack, but who knows what will be relevant in 10 years.

Writing clearly is a soft skill, but the good news is that it's a trainable skill. As all trainable skills, repetition is the key. Writing is the best way to train it it, and this is one of the reasons I started this blog (thousand) years ago.

I've never been a great writer; in high school my essays were just average and this was certified by my marks, that were around 6 (out of 10).

One day, however, i decided to start a (now defunct) blog on Windows Live Spaces and this was the start of my writer's life. If i read my backup from those days, my first articles were rather embarassing. I think my writing started to improve around the 100th written blog post.

At some point, however, i noticed that there was some pleasure in good writing and then I found another personal kink: explaing things clearly.

I started with politics, trying to understand and explain why things were happening that way, but then I moved to other subjects, for example my field of study. The idea of writing articles about interesting concepts was an incentive to study those things even better.

There's, unfortunately, another side of the medal: time. If you simply study something you'll need X minutes to fix it in your mind; if you decide to write it down, you have to reserve 2-3_X_ time. And usually you don't have that.

This means you need a huge motivation to write a blog about your discoveries; however, once you get used, you end up having the gift of clarity, the possibility to switch to public speaking easily, and the art of explaining difficult concepts with simple words. No doubt you'll enjoy also some benefits from your social bubble.

And that, my friend, is the secret sauce you need to play along in a remote team.