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Tools that don't explain themselves clearly will not be used

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My life is full of stuff to do and I really have no time to update my knowledge, so I have to dig on rss feeds or conferences or ask friends for the latest tools to be aware of.

There are tons of tools that are super useful and also super easy to use. I won't cite here all of them; one of the best (that serves as an example for this article) is Vagrant: The first time I went on their website I understood clearly what was it's mission, and how they wanted to accomplish their goal. Not only, we were having this problem at work so Vagrant was a candidate solution.

Indeed, there are some websites that do not explain clearly what their tools want to do. I read a lot about it, and maybe I also get the idea behind it, but the right info is not coming from the official website.

I have two examples for two tools that everybody is talking about, and I have still not understood how they work (and what problem they try to solve). One of these is Docker: every time I cite Vagrant as an example of an easy-to-use and clearly designed tool, people say "but there's also docker". Honestly I have not understood what docker does (maybe the same as vagrant?) and how (without virtual machines?). I read that there is a lot of hype about it, and also it seems that Docker has a lot of enemies and angry developers, but I cannot understand why.

Another tool that everybody is talking about is RequireJs : In this case the website is pretty much theoretical and it's not doing a clear example on how to use it. Also, I have never found other tutorials or examples. There is a lot of hype, but the complexity of the tool has not been mitigated so we still have a lot of people using <script> tags everywhere. I would love to try it but I cannot figure out even how much time I need to migrate some existing project.

What do you think about this? Do you admit that there are some pieces of software that do not explain themselves clearly?

Also: is there anybody that can/wants to explain me this two tools? 😀