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A video that makes Italians proud of their Country

This video is suddenly gaining its' rise in the Italian Startup Community. A video "to show to our foreign investors", as someone said.

The truth is that Italy has its problems, but speaking only of them is not taking us anywhere. We - Italians - have lost the love for our country. We never (or rarely) think of _being constructive. _We always believe that only a true Revolution (the one with Che Guevara & Mao) will disrupt everything, forgetting what we already enjoy (and love).

May I send a message to my political class? (Of course, they do NOT speak English, but Google Translate is aviable on their iPads). Now that we have made the video, let's make something (incredible!) here at the South. Maybe South Italy could become the Terra Franca (like San Francisco!) for Startups! Think about it.