Here's the long list of articles I wrote in these years, in Italian and English.

Chaotic systems

a chaotic system is a system composed of many simpler systems, that are interconnected in a way such that the final result is impossible to connect to the subsystem forces.

Pair Programming vs Pull Requests

I attended a hackaton recently: an italian bank organizes an event every year for employees only, me and another programmer friend were invited by an employee to conribute to his idea.

How internet ads work

Since money was invented, people felt the urge to advertise their products to others. I live very near to Pompeii (Italy) and if you visit this incredible town you’ll discover that in 79 a.D. there were a lot of ads painted on walls, trying to sell you wine, prostitutes, or ask for a vote.

Jest and Puppeteer from the barricades

When I started my career as a software developer I immediately become “friend” with the concepts of unit testing and integration testing. At the time (2012) the backend was written in Java and the frontend was written in GWT, a Java framework to build UIs that is compiled to JS.

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