Here's the long list of articles I wrote in these years, in Italian and English.

The Javascript Event Loop for dummies

What does it mean that Javascript has no threads?! What is the event loop and how it is related? How can JS be even considered a modern programming language?! Let’s find out the surprising truth about this stuff.

I libri motivazionali funzionano?

In una discussione con alcuni miei amici abbiamo iniziato a parlare di libri che stavamo leggendo in questo periodo, e ne è nato un discorso sui libri motivazionali (quei libri che ti insegnano a essere una persona migliore).

Tool of the week: Develop faster in NodeJS with Nodemon

Are you frustrated when you hit an error in your NodeJS application because, after a crash, you have to restart it? Do you want to immediately see the app restarted when you change a file? With Nodemon this will never be a problem again.

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