Here's the long list of articles I wrote in these years, in Italian and English.

Easy testing of NodeJS applications with Mocha

Testing in Javascript has become an immensely popular argument, but still there’s a lot of people that has not clear how to do it effectively. I was one of these. There are many troubles that a young developer has to overcome in order to master Javascript testing. In this article, I’m going to explain Javascript testing with Mocha, a powerful library.

Two easy ways perform GET requests in NodeJS

Today I want to talk about something that we all need during our programming life: requesting data from a remote server. We will do this using callbacks and promises, to show both the approaches.

Quando l'azienda non paga gli stipendi

Qualche anno fa l’azienda per cui lavoravo ha attraversato un periodo di crisi e lo stipendio arrivava a singhiozzo (o peggio, non arrivava proprio). Lo ricordo come uno dei periodi più brutti della mia vita.

The Javascript Event Loop for dummies

What does it mean that Javascript has no threads?! What is the event loop and how it is related? How can JS be even considered a modern programming language?! Let’s find out the surprising truth about this stuff.

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